I am a young, American artist who loves to travel. Currently, Im humming about in/near South Lake Tahoe, CA. Enjoy.


Jenny Saville

 I was reminded of English artist Jenny Saville's sensuous paintings of women with puffy, bleeding faces as I ventured out into public today to a job interview with my busted mug. Before her Master thesis show at Glasgow School of Art in the 1990's , Saville interned with a plastic surgeon for six months and was allowed to photograph patients in the operating room and during recovery. Her work, raw, large and thick with paint speaks about beauty, pain and what women do to their bodies in order to achieve perfection. I also really love her use of red. I'm dying to see them in person.


After a beautiful wakeboard sesh with my family on Lake Berryessa, I was struck with a tow rope after it slingshotted out of my uncle hand's and cracked me in the face. Praise God my aunt is friends with a plastic surgeon who met us in the ER. After 5 interior and 20 exterior stitches, a margarita and 2 vicodins, I'm feeling much better. 
I'm so happy that my vision was saved and that I only have minor injuries. God always holds me in his hands. I'm so happy to be a daughter of the King! Amen! 


Tuesday Morning

My friends are so cool. Especially when they let me draw them on their days off. Thanks y'all.

The drawing:


Aruba: Queen's Day

Queen's Day is a Dutch holiday commemorating the Queen's birthday. Essentially, everyone dons their favorite orange garb (the queen's favorite color) and celebrates in the streets all day.
 Sounds fabulous to me! 

Local kids cruise around trading wares for money and candy.

Bas and Lucille rocked the "Kissing Contest". 


That looks like one happy man to me!


Aruba: "Friday I'm in Love"

I am one lucky lady, fortunate enough to be surrounded by friends from all over the world who are doing super cool things. A couple months ago I received an invitation to partake in a week-long wedding celebration in the Caribbean island of Aruba. At the time, I was elated, but unsure if I would be able to attend because of my trip through Europe. Thankfully, I came to my senses and booked my flight home from Switzerland in time to unpack, repack, swoop my Mama and head out for the equator. 

The groom patiently waits for his blushing bride.

The moms lead the way to the beach ceremony.

The groom says his vows in Dutch, the bride in English and the minister in a mix of both with a thick, latin accent. I started crying around the words, "Be sparing with criticism, generous with praise and quick to forgive."

Father and mother of the groom.

Ceremony in Caribbean paradise. Ahhhh, now off to the reception...

First dance under the stars. 

The night Bas and Chrissta said "I Do" was hot, tropical and breezy. I drank fresh juice on ice, ate seaweed salad and danced in the moonlight. It was perfect.