I am a young, American artist who loves to travel. Currently, Im humming about in/near South Lake Tahoe, CA. Enjoy.



My last day in Germany was spent lunching and relaxing with family in Birndorf.

I love this adorable shed in the backyard. It was built to house the lawnmower and other supplies, but gets cleaned out on occasion and is turned into a bar for garden parties. 


Nothing says "Frohe Ostern" like black combat boots. 

This way to the best schnapps in Germany. I couldn't possibly leave the country without a bottle or two. My favorite is their Rosen Bluten Likor made from rose petals. Adding a bit to champagne makes it smell like roses and taste like heaven. 

Netti's homemade creme-puff raspberry cake. 

These past three months have been quite a blessing; a time I wont soon forget. It's all passed too quickly and I hope the coming eight months of work will pass just as fast. Before I know it, I'll be back here in Germany, enjoying coffee and cake with family... 

Until then, I look forward to get back to my studio in California and prepare for my art exhibition in September. 

Stay tuned, next up: Aruba for Baz and Chrissta's wedding!! 


Delicious dish

I received a creamy treat from my friend's Mama: homemade Bailey's plus the secret recipe!! After the first taste, I was ready to cancel all my plans and pour a large glass over ice, but I took a shot in my coffee instead. And went back for another cup of coffee before leaving the house..;)

My favorite Swiss dish is fondue. Fondue is typically served during winter, but since it was a cold spring day, we decided to indulge anyway. It's basically a blend of four cheeses, white wine and kirschwasser. Like most simple pleasures, the taste is rich and divine. We ate it with sliced apples, oranges, grapes, figs and a couple different types of bread. I learned its best to accompany the meal with sips on kirschwasser, cool glasses of white wine and fantastic company. 




The Freiburger Münster. Finished in 1330, this gothic cathedral is the only one in Germany that was built in the Middle Ages and survived the air raids of 1944. Cool. 

This gorgeous bakery stopped us in our tracks. It turned out to be cake HEAVEN. I'm still on a high from the amazing, rich chocolate mousse. (Mom, naturally, I'm bringing home some chili dark chocolate for you. It's taking me lots of self-control not to dig into it now...)


I love finding people who look like their dogs. 



My brain felt scrambled the day I left Berlin. After 8-days of exploring, I felt drained. The energy pulsing through this jointed city is raw, intense and inspirational; just what I have been searching for. It was with a heavy heart that I walked myself down to the U-Bahn and made my way to the airport. I will be back. And next time, I will be ready, paintbrushes in hand...

So imagine my joy when I returned to Switzerland and remembered an invitation to reconnect with a friend from home! A fresh dose of perspective and levity is just what the doctor ordered. I met up with M in her beautiful apartment she shares with her husband, K. He is German, she is American and they live in a small town in Switzerland called Aarau. They told me their love story and I shared tales from the road. We ate, laughed, drank wine, told stories, cooked, danced and drank more into the night. 


The birds across the way.

Haha. "Enough pics, Char!"

 M is an exceptional person with a good head on her shoulders. She is kind, insightful and physically hasn't changed a bit since high school. Actually she is more lovely. She glows.