I am a young, American artist who loves to travel. Currently, Im humming about in/near South Lake Tahoe, CA. Enjoy.



Summer is starting to come to an end (NOOO!!!) and I finally have a day off to roll around on the beach and eat ice cream and read Vouge, but I am lying in bed, wistfully hooked on this song/video by Washed Out....ahhh...


Golden Afternoon

A friend of mine has the good fortune of being a sailor on the Woodwind II, a catamaran that sails out of Zephyr Cove, Nevada. I have the good fortune of being invited for a sunset cruise on a lovely Thursday afternoon. 

The man with the plan. 

I loved feeling the wind in my hair and the waves underfoot. Truly an inspiring and rejuvenating experience. 



I love when out-of-town friends come to visit so I can play tourist and indulge in activities I haven't done before. Parasailing is one of those silly activities and after I found out I had a hook up (thanks, marina boys ;) I promptly booked a 10 am cruise at 1,200 ft. 

Our Korbel chute was perfect. Mimosas for lunch!

A beautiful view of Edgewood golf course.

Everything was so clear and peaceful at the top, I wish we could have gone higher. Ill have to try paragliding next...

:) Back on the boat after the boys dunked our feet. Time for beach and mimosas!


Wet, Hot, American Summer

God, I love Tahoe.

And cute boys.

And good friends.

And Tecate.

And long, hot days on a deep, cool, blue lake.