I am a young, American artist who loves to travel. Currently, Im humming about in/near South Lake Tahoe, CA. Enjoy.


Helmut Newton and the BaseMent

Last thursday I caught up with my new, bucket-list-blasting babe of a friend, Sunita, to check out the latest Helmut Newton exhibition at the Museum für Fotografie called "World Without Men/Archives de Nuit François-Marie Banier: Portraits".  Newton gained notoriety shooting editorials for major fashion houses and magazines beginning in the 1960's. His images are lavish, seductive and beautifully composed inviting the viewer into a world where women are powerful, rich, lean and aggressive with lots of bare breasts, pouty lips and pubic hair.

Helmut in action.

This makes me want to paint a life-sized, nude self-portrait with big hair and heels. Ill call it "After Helmut." I think Ill wait til the end of summer when I have some nice tan-lines ;)

This one if Twiggy is my fave. Look at that flying cat!


After the exhibit Sunita and I parted ways for the afternoon, planning to meet up later to find some trouble, so I headed over to Kreuzberg and sat down to do some writing and sip on a Kindl in my fav coffee shop. I was soon chatted up by a some dude who told me of a black and white photo exhibition opening down the street at a hair salon/bar called the BaseMent. Perfect.  Sunita and I rolled up later that night to a small, smoky venue with what looked to be gay, necrophilic porn plastered up all over the walls. Very "Marilyn Manson meets Diane Arbus" (and not really in a good way), but the music was good, the DJ was hott and the drinks were cheap. 

 I found that "Pornceptual" is the work of Brazilian artist Chris Philips after I introduced myself to him. It felt good to speak portuguese again.

LOVE the Givenchy piercing!!

Sweet Sunita

I was most happy to meet Valentino, an adorable Italian, who like most of us artists, is a photographer that has a day job as a hair dresser at the salon in BaseMent. 

After the show we hopped along down the road to a club and danced the night away. Just a lovely little thursday :) 


London: Rose Lychee and Ladurée

Roy Lichtenstein

Rose Lychee martinis at Ping Pong :)

Ladurée at Covent Garden. Devine!

Chanel Pop-up floral boutique for Mother's Day

Tiny, fluffy, sweet and delicate, the Orange Blossom macaron was my favorite. 

Street food is the best. 

This cute young man was picking out flowers so carefully. 

St Pauls!  Visually its astounding. A purely massive structure that I couldn't even fit in my camera's lens.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend for my first visit to London, and my gracious hosts, Katy and Josh showed me an incredible time. From an inspiring visit to the Tate to see the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective to the steps of St. Paul to sipping cocktails overlooking the Thames River, our reunion had nary a dull moment. 

Harry told me that sometimes he'll wake up in the morning and the fog is so think that he cant see the other side of the river. So cool. 


Sonne is Shining in Schlachtensee!

Today was the fourth consecutive day of not-a-cloud-in-the-sky sunshine and I am loving it.

I met up with Natalie in Schlachtensee, a neighborhood in western Berlin known for expensive houses, old people and an icy lake.

Everyone was out for their daily dose of vitamin D. 

 We found some rope swings. I bet this place really pops off in the summer.

After our walk around the lake we picked up baby Johann from daycare. 

 Loving this architecture.

 We also picked up Johann's older sisters, Greta and Louisa, from kindergarten and made our way back to the house. Natalie has been an aupair for this sweet family in Schlachtensee since August 2012 :)

Baby booger kisses.

Afternoon snack ;)

Coolest bed ever! Greta is one lucky five year old. 

 Im also really digging the color palette of this house with the cool grays and purples and light, sage greens. Something to thing about for my Mama's place in Tahoe that we will remodel this summer.