I am a young, American artist who loves to travel. Currently, Im humming about in/near South Lake Tahoe, CA. Enjoy.



For the past six years, my big summer party is centered in Tahoe around July 24 to celebrate Bailey. She is a close friend of mine not only because she is cool, active, adventurous, and generous but because her birthday falls right in the middle of summer. Awesome ;)  This year, we decided to head south on the 395 to Mammoth and explore other parts of the Sierras.

 The landscape left me so inspired that I kicked myself for forgetting my watercolors.  The intense heat of the valley and the dense, dry brush make a striking juxtaposition against the lavender Sierra mountains and pale, blue sky. Aaahhhh...

Found some critters in this Wild West...


And the birthday girl!

After a float down the Owens River and multiple hot tub sessions, we packed up camp and drove to June Lake for a dip off the rope swing.

The 21,000 ft mansion pictured above was built by the 99 cent store owners. Damn!

The feathery clouds floating over Lake Topaz on the drive home was the icing on the cake :)


Palm Beach, Aruba

I finished this painting yesterday and am ready for my Mammoth camping, river-floating, hot-springs soaking, landscape painting, mini vacation with my friends :) Happy Sunday!



I took my Brazilian friend Fran up Heavenly the other morning. A mere ten minute drive from my house, Heavenly is one of my favorite Tahoe hikes because of its central location in town and it's stunning views of the lake from bottom to top. Don't you agree? 

Water break ;)

View from the top ...



Last weekend I got out of town to celebrate with my dear friends Lynsay and Patrick: they're getting hitched! We celebrated Lyns with a poolside bridal shower followed by an evening barbeque filled with laughter, wine, cucumber sandwiches, bocce ball and sparklers.

The groom in bloom

Masks for the wedding day photobooth!

Henry and Mama. 

 The happy couple.

Beautiful Laura is making me a pair of her custom sandals. Get a pair for yourself here