I am a young, American artist who loves to travel. Currently, Im humming about in/near South Lake Tahoe, CA. Enjoy.



My last day in Germany was spent lunching and relaxing with family in Birndorf.

I love this adorable shed in the backyard. It was built to house the lawnmower and other supplies, but gets cleaned out on occasion and is turned into a bar for garden parties. 


Nothing says "Frohe Ostern" like black combat boots. 

This way to the best schnapps in Germany. I couldn't possibly leave the country without a bottle or two. My favorite is their Rosen Bluten Likor made from rose petals. Adding a bit to champagne makes it smell like roses and taste like heaven. 

Netti's homemade creme-puff raspberry cake. 

These past three months have been quite a blessing; a time I wont soon forget. It's all passed too quickly and I hope the coming eight months of work will pass just as fast. Before I know it, I'll be back here in Germany, enjoying coffee and cake with family... 

Until then, I look forward to get back to my studio in California and prepare for my art exhibition in September. 

Stay tuned, next up: Aruba for Baz and Chrissta's wedding!! 

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